Monday, September 22, 2008

Sandra Bernhard Attacks Sarah Palin

Sandra Bernhard, Ugliness A Blind Black Man Can See
By Larry Johnsonclose
Author: Larry Johnson
Name: Larry Johnson

Maybe this was a publicity stunt, but Sandra Bernhard’s performance merits a comment and condemnation. If you have not heard, here is her vile assault on Sarah Palin.

After watching that display there is only one conclusion–Sandra Bernhard is uber ugly. But I am not referring to her face. Physical beauty is something superficial and temporary. It dissipates with age. It is the combination of her words and the meaning she imparts to those sounds coming out of her pie hole. She has the right to speak her mind, but to call it comedy is to take irony and sarcasm to a new level. A blind person, regardless of sex, would not require sight in order to know the horror of Bernhard’s soul. She is ugly to the core. So, raping women is funny as long as a woman says it? You think those folks who embrace Sandra’s bile would also guffaw about a Bernhard rant on lynching an uppity black politician? How about her offering to give Jewish supporters of John McCain a shower with Zyklon B gas?

Hell no! It is one thing to use humor to attack rape, lynching, or the holocaust as acceptable behaviors, but that is not what Bernhard did. She verbally assaulted Sarah Palin by using the Mandingo fantasy–the wild black man ravishing the white woman who secretly wants the big black snake. She lends credence to the insulting, racist stereotype that black men can’t be trusted around white women. In Bernhard’s world black men are rapists at heart. Got that Barack? One of your supporters is making it clear you cannot be trusted around white women because you are a black brother. She didn’t mention you by name, but if you are a black brother you are a rapist.

If you as a reader of this blog think this kind of thing is okay we do not want you here. The words hurled at Sarah Palin are a despicable smear.

My disagreement with Barack Obama and my opposition to his candidacy has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Skin color, hair color, eye color, or any other physical characteristic is irrelevant to the matter of whether someone can be or should be President. For that matter, sex is irrelevant as well. Having testes or a uterus is neither qualifying nor disqualifying. A person’s character? That is important.

If Sarah Palin hung out with a minister who preached from a pulpit, “Goddamn America,” or with a convicted slumlord who owned slums where poor black folks had to pay exorbitant rent for substandard conditions then she would not be worthy to be mayor of Wasilla, Alaska much less Vice President. But there is only one person in this election who meets that test. His name is Barack Obama. It is his lack of character and integrity that motivates my opposition. It is that simple.

Bernhard’s performace is not comedy. It is ugly and she is a sad excuse for a human being. She is not a mensch.

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