Friday, September 26, 2008

31 of Obama’s Flip-Flops: Do you know where he will stand on these issues if elected?

1) was against 1990s welfare reform, now for it

2) was for Washington, DC gun ban, now against it

3) was against death penalty for any reason, now favors it for child rapists and Osama Bin Laden

4) was against NAFTA, now for it

5) was against Cuban embargo, now for it

6) promised to accept campaign spending limits/matching funds if McCain did, now refuses to participate even though McCain does

7) was "strongly" against FISA, then voted for it

8) was against homosexual marriage, now supports it


9) was against personally displaying patriotism via flag lapel pins, now wears one

10) was against Jerusalem being the undivided capital of Israel, now for it

11) was for chatting unconditionally with Iran's President, now for conditions

12) had promised never to "disown" Reverend Wright, now Wright is disowned

13) for 20 years was for family's membership in hateful so-called "Trinity Church", now against it

14) was for mental health exceptions for allowing partial-birth abortions, now against them

15) voted against laws protecting abortion survivors, now for such laws

16) claimed to be for several town hall-style debates with Senator McCain before the conventions, but his campaign later said only one, and only at a time no one would watch (Independence Day)

17) promised to never use negative ads, yet started using them against McCain before McCain went negative

18) was against President Bush's faith-based initiatives, now for them

19) had demanded that Bush boycott Olympic opening ceremonies, then he financially supported the ceremonies by buying advertising time during them

20) was for pulling troops out of Iraq per timetable, with little or no regard to conditions, now "entirely conditions-based"

21) two years ago, promised to bring assistance to impoverished African school where 10 of his relatives attend, but nothing yet

22) said in June that "my party" wouldn't take money from lobbyists, but as of late July his campaign as well as his party have accepted tens of thousands of dollars from individual registered lobbyists

23) was against all offshore drilling, now for it as long as it's "carefully circumscribed"

24) as of 7/7, was against using oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to bring about a "decrease in gas prices", now for it

25) was for punishing Michigan and Florida delegates by not seating them at the Dem convention, now he wants them seated

26) said in June that "my party" wouldn't take money from PACs, but as of mid-August he's accepting large donations from PACs and unions

27) said before PA primary, no "bagmen"*, but will have them for general election

28) was against 527s (PACs, special-interest groups, and non-affiliated political allies) advertising in his behalf, but now he's allowing it

29) was for raising taxes on many individuals and corporations, but now that the economy is better, he says those tax increases will have to wait until the economy is much better

30) called for bipartisan commission on Wall Street oversight in April, but after McCain recently agreed, Obama rejected the idea as a political dodge

31) said every candidate should reveal complete earmark history when it was him vs. Hillary, but now that earmark king Biden is his partner, secrecy is OK

(list by jgapinoy)

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