Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama’s Whining, Will it Work?

By Larry Johnsonclose

Name: Larry Johnson

As noted in previous posts I am in Europe finishing up work on a project related to national security. This gives me a great perch to observe the wave of financial news bearing down on the United States with the markets closing in Asia and the markets in Europe just getting started. So I am watching CNBC's Europe version and there is Barack Obama on the tube whining about "this didn't happen on our watch."

Couple of observations. First, it doesn't come off as Presidential as all. Finger pointing in such a hesitant manner looks weak. Second, you are dead wrong. The wheels came off when Democrats controlled the Congress and ignored repeated warnings from Bernake and Paulson about the impending crisis. Try to sell that.

Then there is the matter of the money you, Barack Obama, pocketed over the last four years. When Senators Dodd and Kerry, not exactly newbies on the Hill, are the only legislators who have taken more money than you from Fannie Mae, how do you maintain the lie that you had nothing to do with this? Fannie Mae just gave you money cuz you're a nice guy?

What about the $600,000 plus from Goldman Sachs or the almost $400,000 from Citi Group? Dude, you've only been in the Senate for less than four years and you've pulled more money from financial lobbyist fat cats than any other Senator on a per annum basis. How long before the media catch on and ask you to explain?

Fox News has picked up the scent:

And now your buds at ACORN are trying to get their nose into the bailout trough to the tune of $140,000,000.00 Are you shitting me? One of the reasons we are in this mess is because your buds, Dodd and Frank, kept pushing to raise the amount of money that could be loaned to the low income housing efforts advocated by ACORN. I venture to say if ACORN had not been called out in the blogosphere for the corrupt thugs they are you might have pulled this off. But not now. The American people are awakening to the fraud perpetrated on them by the likes of ACORN and others. On this one we are saying no way, now how.

You can't find a video of the head of Fannie Mae celebrating any Republicans. But Barack, the CEO is praising the Congressional Black Caucus while you are sitting there beaming. Not on your watch?

If you want to read more about ACORN's complicity in this mess go here (hat tip Nancy).

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