Monday, September 22, 2008

Palin's Faith vs Barack's

Palin’s Faith vs Barack’s
By Larry Johnson

Following up on Charlie Gibson’s effort to portray Sarah Palin as a crazed, Christian jihadist, I think he is treading on dangerous ground that will create more support for her. Full disclosure: in my early days thirty years ago I worked in Central America as a Christian missionary. I was a community organizer. I headed an agricultural project teaching campesinos terrace farming rather than their traditional slash and burn corn planting that led to enormous soil erosion. My wife, a registered nurse, trained community health aides and ran three rural clinics. That was well before I joined the CIA. I understand the evangelical community. I am not an active church attender these days, but I know the faith community of which Sarah Palin is a part. She comes out of a religious tradition that most Americans have not experienced. I think the following music captures the spirit and image of the church she now attends in Alaska. You tell me: how does this stack up against the images of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his rants that have been all over the net?

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